Shinya Sato

Nice to meet you, I am a designer born in 1987 who loves material design. I grew up watching my grandfather who was running a inn in the early childhood, so I am always good at cooking and having time when I have time.

Currently, we mainly do brand guideline creation, UI / UX improvement (paper prototype to design), site improvement based on Google Analytics figures, Web application implementation, etc.

This portfolio site was made with "HUGO" which is one of the static site generators. CSS uses "PostCSS", hosting service and deployment uses "Netlify".

If you have a request to "create a site with static site generator" please consult from the bottom form.

Skill set

Illustrator Photoshop XD Animate VIM Hyper Netlify HTMl5 CSS SASS PostCSS Rails Git Jekyll HUGO

Photo editing


Firebase Chat

Design / HUGO,PostCSS / Firebase,Netlify

Portfolio Site

Design / HUGO,PostCSS / Multilingual

HUGO Netlify CMS

Design / HUGO,PostCSS / Netlify CMS



Conduct user interviews

We had interviewed regularly because we thought that it was important to know the user actually in designing the service design.

Github management of design data

I tried to positively version control using Github for design data.

Also, for designers not familiar with Git, I gave a lecture on how to manage Git.

By managing the Git, it is possible to grasp who changed what kind, and it is not necessary to separate the folders depending on the version, so we decided to actively adopt it.

Study of static site generator

Since I am addicted to a static site generator that can build blogs without complicated databases, I am doing research everyday.

I implemented this portfolio site with HUGO, but next time I will create and distribute the template of HUGO.